Îți dorești să studiezi în străinătate? Vrei să găsești școala potrivită și cel mai adecvat parcurs educațional?

Your Education Shape te ghidează și îți oferă sprijin pentru accesul la toate programele de studiu oferite de instituțiile partenere din Anglia, Austria, Canada, Elveția, Franța, Germania, Italia, Monaco, Portugalia, Spania și SUA.

vize si asigurari

If your citizenship requires an entry visa for your study destination country, please check the passport validity requirements and visa requirements. Please note that each country has its own visa application requirements and processing time.

Our partner schools and courses providers will support you with the documentation you need, to help your visa application.


Please be aware that it is your own responsibility:

  • To make sure you understand and meet the immigration requirements of your chosen country for studies;
  • To obtain the correct type of visa for your studies;
  • To assure your legal status in the chosen country during your studies;
  • To check the validity of your visa and other documents.


The visa process and the required documents may vary, depending on the following:

  • Your study programme and related type of visa;
  • Your nationality;
  • Your home country;
  • The Embassy of your chosen country for studies.

Please contact the Embassy in your home country to inform yourself about the visa process, types of visa, required documents, fees and processing time.


Please be aware that it’s your responsibility to obtain the visa on time for your studies. The processing time might be longer in the busy months of Summer and the appointments calendar may be quite solicited therefore, please start your visa application process well in advance.


Either you’ll need a visa or not, the travel and health insurance should not miss from your documents. The medical care may be quite expensive and you don’t need extra stress with it. Be sure that your health insurance meets your needs and your school requirements.

Please check if you have a medical insurance plan included in your study package and ask for information about what will be covered or not, to see if you need to add extra packages. It is very important to have medical insurance customized on your needs

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